Announcing a Change of Plans

My university is in the throes of “Advising”.  Advising is a week and half of pure chaos in the English department.  It’s impossible to register for the next semester’s classes until a student meets with their advisor.  An advisor will instruct the student on which courses need to be taken in what order to ensure timely graduation.

I love advising because I am a list-maker.  I go in knowing what courses I need and want to enroll in.  I have the added benefit of being a Junior, and thus not yet in Graduation Panic mode.  For me, advising is fun.  The typically peaceful English department turns riotous as students flood through, but I enjoy the riot.  I love planning, and imagining the future.

My collegiate career has been a bit…unconventional.  I scored quite well on some exams in high school and came into college with a full year of transfer credits.  I’ve taken 15 credits a semester and stayed on campus for the summer terms, as well.  This has allowed me to double concentrate in Literature and Writing while simultaneously completing a Women’s Studies minor.  Yesterday, I learned that, somehow, even though this is just my third year of school and I’m in three different programs… it seems I only have one semester’s worth of unfulfilled credits.

tl;dr:  I am graduating this spring.  I am graduating from college in May.  This May.  May 2012.

This means I have an extremely truncated timeline to apply to graduate school.

I’m the tiniest bit terrified.  Even more, I’m incredibly excited.

I’d love to stay and chat about these developments.  I cannot.  THERE ARE A MILLION THINGS TO DO! I spent several hours talking to my advisors yesterday, and came out with a short-list of 10 schools I’ll be applying to.  I need to go research my favorite programs so I can start making decisions.  I need to study my enthusiastic little heart out for a little exam called the GRE…which I need to take in less than a month.

Here’s a GIF of how I feel.  I’m too busy to figure out how to make it play, so you’ll have to click on it.  I apologize, but I think you can forgive me given the circumstances.  The “I didn’t know I was graduating this year and now I have two seconds to get into graduate school” circumstances.

This is how I feel; calm and collected...also FREAKING OUT.


7 thoughts on “Announcing a Change of Plans

  1. Lydia! Oh my goodness! I realize now that I still haven’t commented on your last post (I wish to! I will!), but THIS. Ahhh! Lydia! I am gesticulating crazily. This is so exciting. SO EXCITING. YOU ARE AMAZING AND MY FAVORITE! I so admire you. It’s creepy, probably, but it works.

    I need to schedule an appointment to be advised. I wish I had some idea of what I wish to take–but I will use this opportunity to blame my university for NOT PRINTING COURSE CATALOGS any longer. It makes me cry. The courses are available for viewing online, of course, but it is SUPER CONFUSING. Merrr! Anyway. I am still doing prerequisite things, of course, so eh.

    • Choosing classes is my favorite activity!!! I usually start planning for the next semester about a week into the current semester. I love having a plan and checking off courses on my degree requirement sheet. #nerd Find an advisor and get that sheet! It’s SERIOUSLY SO FUN to check things off. SO FUN, KATHERINE.

      None of the schools I’m applying to are in Texas. This makes me sad. D: I have no desire to actually be in the state of Texas…but you are, so I obviously want to be as well.

      • Evidently I am also lackluster at clicking the “notify of follow up comments” button, as well. HELLO AGAIN. I am the comment fairy! I bring glitter!

        I was advised~ last week. Because the College of Information is so tiny and odd (I am attempting to find it endearing!), it is completely off campus and requires a BUS to get there. So I travelled on the bus for the first time! It was rainy and cold and wonderful and adventurous (all of the ands!). My advisor was young and lovely and gave me suggestions for nice professors. And the degree requirement sheet is BEAUTIFUL. I want to hug it! And she offered to give my resume to her boss in case they need help or anything. (All of the ands!) I’m waiting for my references to say “COOL, BRO” before I send it to her. Anyway! Exciting!

        I UNDERSTAND. Texas is the worst! You will go to grad school in the right~ land for you. It will be awesome. I LOVE YOU.

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