Cancelling for Cold

My city has just welcomed the first wintery snowfall of the season.  It’s already melting away, but the permafrost plunge has been an adventure.  The ancient backyard oak succumbed to the sudden chill and heavy snow.  All night I jolted awake as wood cracked and thudded into the yard, onto the roof and across power lines.  The limbs scraped against the house like an inexperienced burglar.  Avery barked and growled, trying to find the nonexistent intruder.

I do not enjoy the feeling of frozen extremities.  My blood circulates so poorly I wear sweaters through the summer.  I find winter weather particularly unpleasant.  A few minutes outside results in hours of painfully stiff fingers and ears, regardless of hats and gloves.  But I’ll deal with all of that, because I have certain obligations to fulfill.  Namely, going to class.

A student was struck by a falling tree branch yesterday.  I only know this because today’s newspaper is full of ludicrous criticisms and propagandist interviews.  Why wasn’t campus closed?!!  Don’t you see what happened!!?  It’s dramatic, and slightly insane, over-reporting.  If there is one thing we students are good at doing, it’s throwing a fit about how hard our lives are.  You want us to go out in the cold?!  And risk being struck by falling branches!?  Outrage!  Civil rights!  It’s utter nonsense.

Attending university is a massive privilege.  We should want to be here, regardless of inclement weather.  College is often hard and stressful, and sometimes I would like a break.  Being here is still a privilege.  We’re all so lucky to attend university, but we don’t like to think about that.  We like to complain about being forced to attend.  I just don’t understand it.

It’s unfortunate that someone was injured.  But there are always risks.  Maybe tomorrow the front page article will be yelling at the school president for not closing campus when Obviously, we could get into a CAR ACCIDENT on the way!  Don’t you respect that risk!?  Think of our safety!!  Cancel class!!  I have such little tolerance for whining.  Don’t be an idiot, avoid dangerous situations and go to class.

I hate being cold more than I hate most any other feeling.  I still believe in braving the weather to go school.  That’s saying a lot because if school were to be canceled, I could spend the whole day cuddling with this guy:

Avery loves winter!


2 thoughts on “Cancelling for Cold

  1. It IS fun to complain. Oh, to be young and receiving an EDUCATION. Which is to say, I complain often. But there is a difference between silly complaining and ridiculous complaining, which I am not going to attempt to separate but probably exist in some dimension. (What are words?)

    There ARE always risks. Terrifying if thought about too much, maybe. Ahhh. But there ARE. -nods-

    Avery is adorable!

    • I do love to complain. But I still show up, even when I grumble. I don’t use inane complaints as an excuse to blow things off. That’s different, right?

      Isn’t he the cutest?!

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