Insomniac Poetry

Dear Allie,

I’m writing a hilariously terrible poem in which the northeastern waves (the tide’s violent rejoinder) are a metaphor for how alone I (the frothy, floating foam) feel as the sole insomniac in this home.  I’m probably going to drop out of school to become a poet.  I’m really good at it.  That’s a lie.  But I will get an A+ in Creative Writing!  Probably.  Maybe.  If I don’t fail out of it.

Anyway, I was going to tell you about all of this (my hilariously hideous 2AM poetry skills) via textual message, but your phone is on and I care enough not to wake you up.  I would have written it all on a sticky note affixed to the bathroom mirror (my preferred mode of note sharing, as you know) but I don’t think I have enough sticky notes.  I would have sent you an email, but you have three million accounts and I can’t keep them all straight.  So I’m writing you a blog post.  I would apologize that your introduction to my blog isn’t more…well, poetic, but I’m not sorry on account of YOU ARE SLEEPING AND I AM AWAKE AND LONELY.

I hope you are having sweet dreams.

Unsleepily yours,


PS:  Avery thinks my poetry is beautiful.  I know this because he is sleeping next to me, and every so often he wakes up and gives me a look that says, “If I were a human, I would wear all black and snap my fingers after you read your poems, but I am not a human and cannot snap so I will instead give you the full benefit of my sad sad eyes.”


2 thoughts on “Insomniac Poetry

  1. “But I will get an A+ in Creative Writing! Probably. Maybe. If I don’t fail out of it.” This embodies how I feel about every academic endeavor I have ever embarked upon. Still, though! Creative Writing! I BELIEVE YOU ARE BRILLIANT.

    Hilarious poetry is the best! I love writing poetry largely because mine is terrible and hilarious. I still love my whatshisface era poetry. All of the giggles!

    And I love youuuu.

    (Sticky note discourse is great. I have post it notes from Laurel affixed to my wall. But it’s okay, because she has mine on hers… saaaaaps.)

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