Sick Days

Friday was a government holiday; since I work for the government during the week (and all day on Fridays) I was looking forward to the paid vacation.  I had the weekend off of my weekend job, and lots of plans for my three obligation-free days.  Unfortunately, I’ve been in a haze of sickness since Wednesday- almost a full week now.

One of my earliest memories is crying hysterically when my mom told me to take off my school uniform and get back in bed.  I was in Kindergarten and had chicken pox.  I’ve always loved school, and I’ve been known to cry hysterically when I have to miss it.  I hadn’t missed any of my classes this semester, but I didn’t even make it out of my bed Thursday.  Today, I only made it through my morning classes before retreating to my bed in a disillusioned stupor.

I feel utterly miserable.  When I get sick, I really go all out.  I had to sit down in the shower because standing up was too hard.  What is that nonsense?  I hate being ill.  I keep trying to do productive things with my time.  I may be stuck in bed, unable to breathe and coughing uncontrollably, but I can still do things.  Right?  Apparently not.  I tried to read, but holding the book was like propping up a boulder with toothpicks.  It was a paperback.  I felt ridiculous, and rather like Very Mary Kate.

I’ve done a lot of staring at the ceiling from the (un)comfort of my bed.  I tried to do some writing.  I wrote a poem about Zelda Fitzgerald.  In the voice of Zelda Fitzgerald- Zelda Sayre, if I’m being honest to the feminist lens I put all over that poem.  It featured the line “We are beautiful as we are damned” which was followed up by riotous laughter from my roommate.

I’m really working on getting well.  Hopefully I’ll be back in school and back to regular blogging soon.  I hope you’re healthy and happy!


8 thoughts on “Sick Days

    • Avery, you are the cutest of all the puppies…You’re also very smart and I value your brain over your beauty. We clearly need to spend a little more time working on spelling and grammar. Still, I love living with you, even when you push me out of my own bed.

  1. aw! get well soooooooon! take lots of COUGH SYRUP. the cheap off brand of Vicks will do splendidly. it will make you SLEEP and feel better faster. as much as it sucks, don’t push yourself. it prolongs the sickness. trust me. i’ve done this the hard way. multiple, multiple times. stay in bed till you feel better. <3 <3 <3
    also, don't forget you're awesome. cuz you absolutely are. :)

  2. I haven’t posted a comment on anyone’s blog yet this semester, but I had to post one to this. Your story of your mom making you stay home in Kindergarten reminded me of, well, me. The day we were supposed to have school pictures taken–first school pictures e v e r –I woke up with the chicken pox. I was also known for trying to throw up really quietly so my mom wouldn’t hear and make me stay home–I wanted to go to school, no matter what!

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