Puppy Love

This is a ridiculous, and true, story.

I’ve had a twin size bed my entire sleeping-in-a-bed life.  I actually had the exact same twin size bed that entire time.  When I moved into a new house this summer, a series of uninteresting events led to my twin size bed living in my sister’s guest room and a QUEEN SIZE BED living in my room.  I realize this isn’t very exciting for most folks, but even all these months later I’m still baffled and delighted by how many people and/or puppies you can fit in that thing.

The only downside to the upsize is the difficulty of moving that mammoth bed.  It’s bulk and heavy, and low to the ground.  There’s not a lot of room for underbed storage, but I don’t want to put lifts under it because it’s already pretty tall.  Okay, I’m tired of talking about my sleeping arrangements. (I swear I didn’t mean to pun that.)  This was all utterly insignificant until about two weeks ago when precious little Otter arrived.  Otter is a pretty small guy, but even he has to army crawl to fit under my bed.  He loves hanging out down there, though.  Watching him scurry, scoot and vanish is hilarious.

I came home from work today and was halfway between changing out of office clothes and into why-is-it-so-windy clothes so Otter and I could go on a walk.  That’s when he thought it was a good idea to steal my socks and run under my bed.  He thought it was an even better idea to stay put under there.  That’s when I shone a light down there and found not exactly monsters, but an enormous pile of objects Otter has thieved.

I couldn’t reach them (or Otter) and I couldn’t move the giant bed by myself.  I probably could have used a broom or mop to fish everything out, but at the time it seemed more convenient to do as Otter does…and army crawl under the bed…and then use my inexplicably dextrous toes (my feet/toes are creepily prehensile- I think it’s from the years of dance) to retrieve the small hoard of clothing Otter has been storing in his little hiding spot.

I’m doing a poor job of capturing just how ridiculous this entire undertaking really was.  Midway through the event, I paused to think about the insane situations I always seem to land myself in.  I think I’ve reached my ridiculous situation quota, and then I find myself using my toes to fish my roommates underpants out of the puppy’s self-created treasure trove.

But isn’t he cute??

Click for a brief bonus baby Otter story!


3 thoughts on “Puppy Love

  1. Eeeeeeee. Otter and yourself as a pair are my favorite. So cute. And ridiculous, yes. But this ADDS to the cute.

    (I cannot stop listening to Danielle Ate the Sandwich. You have the most miraculous music taste.)

    • I’m so glad you like her! 17 and 53 is one of my favorites. I know it’s snooty and self-righteous, but I’m pretty impressed with my musical tastes, too. xD

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