They say this is our defining moment,
the culmination of midnight oil
and A-plus essays, our springboard
into adulthood.

I imagine there will be speeches
about embracing a new start.
The world is at our fingertips
it’s our oyster, but
breaking the world apart
in pursuit of one polished pearl
seems a poor use of this
expensive enlightened education.

We’ll scuttle across the stage,
one last marathon for the worker ants.
My watch face will clock the wrinkles in time
as we toss caps and shed stoles.

Like globes on holiday tress
this pomp and circumstance
is a necessary frivolity,
a lackadaisical scenery.

They say three degrees in three years
is a job well done
and I should feel more than
pedestrian disinterest.

Someone read a calendar wrong.
People think the world will end
this year.  At least I’ll have finished
college (part one) before facing an
apocryphal fallout.

I imagine
we’ll plunge into nothingness then
like a kite from a severed string
or maybe we’ll finally find
a lock for our latchkeys

a world in a wardrobe,

a beginning worth the end.


5 thoughts on “Commencement

  1. Oh, Lydia. I cannot describe how much I love you. It is VERY MUCH.

    The last stanza… goodness. So beautiful.

    Your poem has me shuffling through notebooks, trying to find a (very scattered) poem I wrote about/around high school graduation. I don’t know where it is, and it is nowhere near as wonderful as yours, but the same feeling is there.

    I love you.

    • Isn’t it funny how dramatic these things seem? And then, when we look back on it a few months later…it’s just embarrassing- the feelings we felt. DRAMATIC.

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