A Triumphant Return!

Uh…hey?  It’s been awhile!  I’ve had a busy break from school.  The spring semester starts tomorrow, and I reckoned it was a good time to (finally!) drop by and check in with all of you.  I hope you’ve been well.  I’ve missed you!  This post is going to be a mundane update, so feel free to sign off now.  Or, go ahead and tell me about your lives.  I’m interested in what you’ve been up to!  This is likely going to be very long…here we go:

I spent most of my break working full time, and I promptly used all that extra money to purchase this semester’s textbooks and to pay the exorbitant fees to apply to graduate school.  Speaking of which…all of my applications are submitted!  It was such a stressful and whirlwind process- I am beyond glad it’s finished.  I applied to the school I’m currently attending, and if I’m totally honest, I just want to stay here.  I hate moving.  I’m tired of moving.  I’ve only lived here for three years; I don’t feel ready to leave.  But we’ll see!

I was feeling like a tried and true 9-5 career-woman, but I didn’t go into work once this entire week, on account of a very unexpected surprise…my mom flew in from New England!  For an entire week!  It was perfect.  Missing my mom has been the hardest part of college.  I’ve tried out this adult-on-your-own schtick, and I don’t like it.  I go to a state school; most of my peers have homes and families fairly close.  I’ve had a hard time dealing with lonely and bitter feelings when my friends go home to their moms while I sit inside watching Saturday Night Live on Hulu.  (Didn’t you love DanRad’s hosting gig?  That Weekend Update sketch was flawless.)

I had the best time with my mom.  I didn’t touch PC Hammer (which is what I call my computer…have I told you that?) or the Internet once in the entire week…which is impressive as it often feels like my entire life is wrapped up online.  All the people I love exist on the internet, it seems.  But this past week, the person I love most materialized in my home!  Huzzah!

I’m delightful.

We celebrated my 21st birthday on Tuesday.  It was super low-key because a) I’m a low-key kind of lady, b) I don’t really like drinking, c) I super don’t like drinking/being drunk in public and d) I just wanted to hang out with Momster.  (And not a bar was entered on that night!)

My mom is great at crafts.  Like, Etsy Shop great at crafts.  I pretend to be skilled at making things…but it’s all a big farce in comparison.  Knowing my love of letter writing, she made me 21 blank cards.  I don’t have pictures to show you, so you’ll just have to trust that they’re beautiful.  Hallmark can’t hold a candle to Momster’s handiwork.  She also gave me 21 stamps…the 21st says “Celebrate!” My mom is so cute.

My roommate (incidentally, she has a great new blog about veganism and animal rescue, you should check it out!) made me an amazing scrapbook of my college adventures.  I’m not a hyper-emotional kind of lady, but I almost started crying flipping through the pages she put together.  Not knowing whether or not I’ll be here next year, having a compilation of photos and our roommately adventures together is extra special to me.

Handmade gifts are so wonderful.  Though, this is a good time to mention and thank my friend Chelsea.  Chelsea knows me so well.  For my birthday, she sent me TWO journals for insomniacs.  I’m often (unwillingly) awake at three in the morning.  One journal gives me a space to write about what inane stress is keeping me awake while the other is full of great writing prompts to amp up the late night creativity.  I love them!  So, it’s not the handmade factor, it’s when your friends know exactly what suits you…that’s the best.  I don’t mean for this to turn into a gift recap, so I’ll keep it short, but I should say that my oldest friends Jennie and Taylor gave me a lovely tea cup and saucer which is yet another highly fitting gift…I mean, have you noticed my Twitter handle?  I really love tea.  Okay, moving on.

My mom took me to a bookstore on my birthday, because in a happy coincidence, January 10 was also the birthday of John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars.  I’m not embarrassed about spending my 21st birthday reading a Young Adult novel.  I look like I’m 15 most days, so…that counts for something?  I have a lot to say about YA books in general, and John Green/the Vlogbrothers specifically, but I’ll save it all for another time.

I loved reading this book.  There’s a certain unrivaled joy in that first time a story spins itself out for you.  It’s a happiness untainted by the truths and sadnesses and pain within the novel.  You should read it.  You could borrow my (signed!) copy.  At least watch the book trailer.  I’m somewhat of a book trailer connoisseur, and I am adamant in the belief that The Fault in Our Stars has the single most beautiful trailer I’ve ever seen.  And now that I’ve read the book…the swingset.  I was more sad with the swingset than in any other part of the book.  I realize that is ridiculous.  Especially given that is a book about kids with cancer.  Still. It just hurt my heart so much.  I’ll stop now, but I’ll probably talk more about the book in a later post…so, you know, go read it.

I did so many fun things with my mom!  Not just reading…but a lot of reading.  Our activities don’t really matter much.  The Together Time was so blissful.  I didn’t miss the internet, I didn’t have insomnia, and I wasn’t stressed out.  It was perfect.  My mom is the most delightful.  Honestly, even the friends/boyfriends I’ve grown apart from/broken up with, all still want to talk to and hang out with my mom.  She’s that great.  But she loves me best.  Obviously.

My mother is a wonderful woman.  If you are a nice man in your early 60s living in New England or Canada…I am interested in setting you up with her.  If you are my future spouse, you should know that my mother will be living with us.  Or next door to us.  But you won’t mind because you’ll be so in love with her, yourself.  (Not in a creepy way, though.)

This post is so out of control.  I’m wrapping it up now, I promise!  I didn’t mean for this to grow into such a long update, and I haven’t even touched on most of the things I wanted to tell you about.  I’ll be back soon, with more wacky stories…and probably some of the literary stuff that brought most of you here in the first place.  I hope I haven’t scared you away, and I truly do hope you’re well.  I love you.


2 thoughts on “A Triumphant Return!

  1. omg! you wanna live with your mother, too?! i thought i was the only crazy who’s message to my future spouse is “must think my mom’s awesome (as if you ever wouldn’t!) and be totally cool with sharing living space with her.” i love having you as a friend. some of my weirdest quirks i get to share with you. and since you are absolutely fabulous, that’s pretty damn cool! ^_^

    • Not crazy! Moms forever! Forget hippie communes, let’s have a mom commune…and mommune. I just want to live with/next/near to her forever. It’s not that weird. REALLY. We have the best quirks, Chelsea. We really do. REALLY.

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