Vegan Mushroom and Kidney Bean Burgers!

I eat mostly fresh foods, because I just don’t like that weird tinny taste twinged throughout canned food.  Inexplicably, I have a pantry full of canned foods I have no particular interest in eating.  Especially kidney beans.  I have so many cans of kidney beans, and I just don’t like them.  The consistency, texture and taste are all wrong for me.

I used a few basic ingredients already in my house, and made Vegan Mushroom and Kidney Bean Burgers.  They were a massive and oh-so-simple success!  I even liked the kidney beans!  On a side note, I don’t like the word “burger” at all.  It’s so aesthetically unpleasing to me.  But “patties” is even worse.  Yuck.

I used:
1 can kidney beans
A hearty handful of sliced mushrooms
A splash (1 tbs?) of rice milk
1 crumbled slice of wheat bread

I drained and rinsed the kidney beans (because that awful syrup they’re preserved in is even worse than the actual beans) and mashed them until I had a sort of bean-paste.  I threw a handful of mushrooms in a food processor, because I was  too impatient to dice them by hand.  I mixed the mushrooms into the kidney beans.

Obviously, eggs are out if this is going to be a vegan meal, so I used a bit of non-dairy milk– we have rice milk in our fridge, but I’m sure almond or soy would work just as well– as a coagulating agent.  I crumbled a slice of vegan (bread isn’t always vegan…most homemade breads include milk, eggs and butter) whole wheat bread into the mixture to add some thickness.

That’s all for prep work!  I divided the contents of my bowl into four small burgers (…patties…ugh) and tossed them into a skillet for a few minutes.  They browned up nicely, but didn’t stay together wonderfully.  I’ve never been able to come up with a great way to keep bean burgers together.  Any ideas?

My newly vegan roommate and I decided to eat these without bread, and they were wonderful!  Paired a sprinkle of seasoning salt and tomato slices, this turned out to be a super simple, protein-friendly, inexpensive and flavorful dinner.  Huzzah!


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