Things I Like: SourceFed


*I work in an office full of goofy scientists.  One sends out email updates that open “Everyone!”.  I find it utterly hilarious.  …It’s a rather mundane job.*

If you know me at all, or know just one thing about me, it’s probably my obsession with the internet.  A lot- maybe even most- of my family, dear friends, and regular blog-readers (Chelsea, Katherine, Meg) exist on the internet, due to unfortunate geographic separation.  I rely on the internet to keep in touch with them…though I haven’t done a great job, recently. (Ugh, so busy!)  I don’t have television, and while I love newspapers, they provide outdated information and waste a ton of paper.  I use the internet as my main source of entertainment and news-gathering, too.

I’m in love with YouTube.  There is such an abundance of amazing content… I always feel sad when people don’t explore beyond Keyboard Cat.  (A group viewing of this occurred in one of my classes today.  It was…bizarre.)  I don’t tend to blog about Things I Like, because, you know, who cares?  But maybe that will become a feature here.  Because I have found something I really like on YouTube, and I want all of you to really like it, too.

SourceFed!  SourceFed is a great new channel/project I found through my favorite YouTube news source, Phillip DeFranco.*  The feature 20 Minutes or Less provides short videos covering news stories as they happen.  I’ve been spending 8-12 straight hours on campus every awful day this semester, and I don’t have any portable internet device (I’m not a Luddite, but a thrifty nickel) but I’ve really been enjoying watching all the videos at the end of the day.  So much news!  So many jokes!  Such great commentary!

*Except the weird “hot chick” galleries.  I do not like that part of the news show.

If you’ve been around for some time, you may remember the angry rant I posted about Chris Brown and Domestic Violence several months ago.  I am appalled that we glorify this man, give him money and celebrity when he beats women.  I mentioned then, and it’s true now, that domestic violence is an extremely personal issue in my life.  Growing up in a violent home, and especially seeing how that violence effected my mother, led me to Women’s Studies in college, which has been the single most enlightening and fulfilling program I’ve ever been involved in.  All of this is an aside (though it is important!) but I’m enormously grateful to have had this program which helped me leave a world of confusion and depression and become an incredibly happy and well-adjusted human.  So, there’s that.  It’s important to me.  And I hate that we willingly and knowingly help a perpetrator of violence gain fame and fortune.

I’m bringing this up because SourceFed recently posted a video about Chris Brown (Who Beats Women!!!) and covered the whole thing beautifully.  Watch it, and subscribe to SourceFed!


2 thoughts on “Things I Like: SourceFed

  1. OMG!!! i love, love, love, love, loved this video, too! i’ll probably add it to my favorites. (i also watched it yesterday and thought it was fantastic!)
    also loving SourceFed. so awesome!
    oh! i just remembered i’ll “see” you tomorrow! :D #squee

  2. This is a magical land I am glad to know of now! (The link didn’t work/hates me, but I clicked through using the imbedded video and am now subscribed!) I have a lot of trouble keeping up with the news, and online video is my love, so… yay! I used to watch Gnooze (, but she no longer makes videos. And things.

    I love you! And your words! I am amazed by all of your words. And your general existence. And things. Thiiiiings.

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