The Feelings I’m Feeling

Many months ago, as the summer melted into a new semester I decided to embrace positivity.  I was going to sink into the kind of lifestyle I’d always mocked.  I was going to believe those insipid inspirational platitudes you find painted on plaques in the home decor section of craft fairs.  I would Breathe and […]

Happy Valentine’s Day! (Sorry I’m drunk.)

Full disclosure:  I’m drunk right now!  Sorry. Happy Valentine’s Day, friends!  In my family, Valentine’s Day has always been about celebrating the important people in our lives.  Not romantically, necessarily.  The platonic people in your life are often far more important than your romantic flings… at least when you’re as young as I am.  Like, […]

A Rant on Rape

Opening Notes:  Trigger warning!  I’m talking about rape today.  This is mostly a discussion of Rape Culture, but I absolutely understand if you need to head out now.  Take care of yourself!  I suggest Drawing a Stickman.  If you’re staying, here’s a disclaimer on language:  Women can commit rape, but most rapes are perpetrated by […]