Home is Where the Books Are

I don’t own an excessive amount of things.  I think too many material objects weigh you down, clutter your life and cloud your conscience.  One of my favorite activities is called Ten Things, and simply involves choosing ten objects you don’t need, want or use and giving them to someone who does need, want or […]


It’s hard to be interested in modern poetry without being familiar with Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye, but I’d never taken the time to really check them out.  Katherine gave me Sarah and Phil at a time when I really needed them.  Their work is this mind-boggling, brain-scrambling, soul-tugging and emotion-wrenching exploration of lived experiences.   […]

Some People Are Just Bad

I’ve been keeping a blog (at one site or another) for about five years.  I’ve always participated in BEDA- Blog Every Day in April/August- and it’s been an enormously helpful, if often stressful, writing endeavor.  These blogs aren’t often (ever?) profound or highly meaningful in a semiotic sort of way, but the most important step […]