Photos Terrify Me

I had my hair cut this weekend; it’s been this overgrown mess for too many months:

All I said to the stylist was, “I’m starting graduate school and I was hoping you could make me look like I belong there.”

I think a big part of looking like I belong is not making that face.

Brief aside:  Every time I have my hair cut I end up with these absurdly long bangs that are “fashionable” but are a total pain and poke me in the eyes and obstruct my vision. I don’t understand fashion and trends.  I’m okay with not understanding those things.

I have to send a picture of myself to one of my jobs (for a Who Works Here bulletin board sort of thing) but I’m aggressively un-photogenic. More so, I really hate being photographed and feel incredibly awkward and uncomfortable whenever a camera is pointed at me.  You can just see the fear in my eyes.  Bless my sister for taking a million pictures of me over the past few days.  Literally none of them turned out, but bless her for trying.

I apologize for this painfully pointless post.  I didn’t use a single metaphor.  I feel like such a failure.


2 thoughts on “Photos Terrify Me

  1. Backling. I love you and your face(s) so much!!!!! (Of course, of all your fanfuckingtastic posts, I choose to comment on this one. WHICH IS BRILLIANT ALL THE SAME BUT NOT IN THE SAME WAY BECAUSE LYDIA = LITERARY MAJESTY.)

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