When Love Arrives

This week has been a series of tides.  Highs and lows arrive unbidden, tug me under and away, insistent and demanding.

I’ve had so many moments of almost almost crying but not quite managing.  Crying is a human thing, a normal thing, a feel-better thing…but I’m rarely able to cry when I need to.  Sometimes my eyes fill, but I can never convince my brain to let them spill over, even when I know it would relieve a lot of pressure.

This week has been full of feelings.  I’m still processing them, and while I know writing it out will help… I’m not quite ready yet.

For now, I just want to share this with you.  My beautiful Katherine posted it and it made me have about a billion more feelings.  I feel like I could almost cry in good and sad ways.  Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye astound me.


One thought on “When Love Arrives

  1. Literally just rewatching Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye’s different majestic poem / FEELING THINGS and trying to hold all the feels. (Incoherence is for winners!) I love you so very much, Lydia.

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