SOS Blogging Help!?!

Hello, friends!  I’m about to run out the door (this semester = no spare time!) but I am in dire need of some opinions and feedback.  It’s time for me to start thinking about Professionalizing- creating a professional online identity.  I know this is important for my future/career…but it’s also part of my grade in a class, so I don’t really have an option.

Here’s my dilemma:  I know that I need to use my name for my Professional/Academic Blogging site.  That’s the only thing that makes sense.  But…as you may have noticed, I house my mad ramblings here under my name.  I don’t know if I can merge the two– do posts from Rhetorician Lydia really line up with posts from “I’m Trying to Figure Life Out Lydia” or “Here Are Some Recipes Lydia” or “I Like to Pretend I Can Write” Lydia?  Part of me wants to keep them all together– these are all salient aspects of my identity.  Another part of me recognizes the importance of maintaining a focused and uncluttered professional space.  Also, when I’m presenting myself in a professional setting… I may not mind if my vegan recipes are on display, but I don’t think I want the “Let’s Talk About My Abusive Dad” stuff tangled up with my self-presentation.

Should I stop writing about those things publicly?  I don’t want to- it’s therapeutic for me, and I’ve received lots of emails from folks who are dealing with the same or similar situations, letting me know they’re grateful they’re not alone.  I think Truth Sharing is good and important.  But it doesn’t really have a place in my Professional Identity.  So, friends and readers– what do I do?  Should I move this blog to another name, and maintain two sites- one for personal ramblings and one for professional compositions?  Is it fair to ask you to move to a new home with me?

To further complicate matters… I need to figure this out today.  So.  I’d really appreciate your thoughts?!?

(Ugh, I’m seriously in the middle of a blogging crisis…how nerdy am I??)


One thought on “SOS Blogging Help!?!

  1. lydia, i hear you girlfriend. i mean, i kinda think that i try to do on my blog what you are describing here. i totally had dilemmas with this myself. isn’t it kinda bullshit that we feel like we have to have a different kind of voice when it comes to “professionalism” and rhetoric? what’s the difference between creative nonfiction/critical self-reflection writing, and well- rhetorical analysis? that would be quite a debate, but really, to me–the beauty of rhetorical analysis comes from those hard spots where you mad rant about life. that’s my opinion. it’s scary putting your “real” thoughts out there, when you have more at stake in terms of your academic “career.” but go for it. whatever. make your blog whatever you want. this niche-marketing is a neoliberal co-opting device and i say fuck it. blend away. and alas, at the same time, i support your decision to divide the two.

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