Letters to July: Artifacts

This month, I’ve been working on a different kind of storytelling by making video letters to July. I’m really enjoying this project and the way it’s stretched me to consider multiple aspects (visual, auditory, rhythmic) of storytelling while also challenging me to quickly master various software programs. One of my recent favorites is about my […]


winter-worn bark clutched my skin the trunk cast a shadow in the treehouse where I clasped your hand quiet fingers laced beyond their line of sight my hands shook mint leaves into teacups fluttering, sifting, forgotten in those early hours when we were the most crystalline versions of ourselves the newsprint meant to wrap your dishes […]

Lydia Page, sans appendix

Hi, everyone!  Long time, huh? After taking Autoethnography this semester, I’ve become very wary about what I share, where, and how. In exciting news, I started another blog as my final project for that course. And it’s going to grow up to be my thesis project! I’m so excited! The blog is called Angry Feminist […]

Articulating Memory

My mother was born in the forties.  I was her fourth daughter, born a few years into her fourth decade.  But the number four has never seemed particularly important to me before now, just another series of facts creating the pastiche of my generational identity.  The stagnant facts of my life, the answers to getting-to-know-you […]