Articulating Memory

My mother was born in the forties.  I was her fourth daughter, born a few years into her fourth decade.  But the number four has never seemed particularly important to me before now, just another series of facts creating the pastiche of my generational identity.  The stagnant facts of my life, the answers to getting-to-know-you […]


It’s hard to be interested in modern poetry without being familiar with Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye, but I’d never taken the time to really check them out.  Katherine gave me Sarah and Phil at a time when I really needed them.  Their work is this mind-boggling, brain-scrambling, soul-tugging and emotion-wrenching exploration of lived experiences.   […]

Lydia’s Bad Day

Disclaimer:  I did not edit any of this.  I wrote it the way I would say it, which means (as you will soon see) that it is an insane, often nonsensical ramble.  We’ll be back to normal posts soon.  I hope. I’m having a bad day.  I’m having a bad semester.  I’d say I’m having […]