Privilege Punch

I’ve been trying to wash my clothes all weekend but every machine has been consistently filled with someone else’s underthings. I just checked again and, sure enough, all four machines are full of clothes in varying states of dry, sopping, and left-so-long-they’re-molding. I was a bit annoyed– I just want clean clothes, is that so […]

Father’s Day for the Fatherless

I feel like I talk about ‘dad things’ far too frequently and not nearly enough, but if you’re living in America this time of year, it’s all but impossible to avoid fatherhood discussions.  Just about everything is suddenly the perfect gift for dads and grads!  If I had a television, I’m sure I’d have seen […]

A Rant on Rape

Opening Notes:  Trigger warning!  I’m talking about rape today.  This is mostly a discussion of Rape Culture, but I absolutely understand if you need to head out now.  Take care of yourself!  I suggest Drawing a Stickman.  If you’re staying, here’s a disclaimer on language:  Women can commit rape, but most rapes are perpetrated by […]

Things I Like: SourceFed

Everyone!* *I work in an office full of goofy scientists.  One sends out email updates that open “Everyone!”.  I find it utterly hilarious.  …It’s a rather mundane job.* If you know me at all, or know just one thing about me, it’s probably my obsession with the internet.  A lot- maybe even most- of my […]


Little Known Fact:  I was not born Lydia Page.  I changed my name (rather recently, as it were) because of things like Feminism and Autonomy and Daddy Issues, or something.  It was among the best decisions I’ve ever made, even though I still get confused when professors take attendance.  It was also the most tedious […]