Letters to July: Artifacts

This month, I’ve been working on a different kind of storytelling by making video letters to July. I’m really enjoying this project and the way it’s stretched me to consider multiple aspects (visual, auditory, rhythmic) of storytelling while also challenging me to quickly master various software programs. One of my recent favorites is about my […]

Picture Post

After realizing I have approximately two photos from all of college, I’ve been making a serious effort to document my life.  I’ve been mostly failing, because I really can’t be bothered to fuss with a camera when I am in the middle of having fun.  But there are a few things I thought you might […]

A Happy Hello!

Hi, friends! I swore to myself that when I returned, it would be triumphantly with a thoughtfully composed and fully edited post.  …but I’m sitting here at the library using the internet on borrowed time and I figured stopping by for a brief hello is better than a continued silence.  I’m going to simply update […]

Some People Are Just Bad

I’ve been keeping a blog (at one site or another) for about five years.  I’ve always participated in BEDA- Blog Every Day in April/August- and it’s been an enormously helpful, if often stressful, writing endeavor.  These blogs aren’t often (ever?) profound or highly meaningful in a semiotic sort of way, but the most important step […]

This is My Brain on Insomnia

I have terrible insomnia.  It’s one of the worst things in my life, truthfully.  Nothing has the ability to drive me quite so mad.  A lot of people offer me rather simple advice- honestly, if I hear “Don’t have caffeine!” one more time… I like that folks care but I’ve had insomnia for years.  It’s […]

Puppy Love

This is a ridiculous, and true, story. I’ve had a twin size bed my entire sleeping-in-a-bed life.  I actually had the exact same twin size bed that entire time.  When I moved into a new house this summer, a series of uninteresting events led to my twin size bed living in my sister’s guest room […]