Letters to July: Artifacts

This month, I’ve been working on a different kind of storytelling by making video letters to July. I’m really enjoying this project and the way it’s stretched me to consider multiple aspects (visual, auditory, rhythmic) of storytelling while also challenging me to quickly master various software programs. One of my recent favorites is about my […]

Lydia Page, sans appendix

Hi, everyone!  Long time, huh? After taking Autoethnography this semester, I’ve become very wary about what I share, where, and how. In exciting news, I started another blog as my final project for that course. And it’s going to grow up to be my thesis project! I’m so excited! The blog is called Angry Feminist […]

Privilege Punch

I’ve been trying to wash my clothes all weekend but every machine has been consistently filled with someone else’s underthings. I just checked again and, sure enough, all four machines are full of clothes in varying states of dry, sopping, and left-so-long-they’re-molding. I was a bit annoyed– I just want clean clothes, is that so […]

A Bizarre Ring/Door Disaster

I went to campus early this morning for a sunrise yoga class at the rec center.  After an embarrassingly lazy summer (I have a vague memory of possessing visible muscles once…) and a super stressful first week of school (I’m juggling three jobs right now, but that’s another story) I really needed to spend some […]

Photos Terrify Me

I had my hair cut this weekend; it’s been this overgrown mess for too many months: All I said to the stylist was, “I’m starting graduate school and I was hoping you could make me look like I belong there.” I think a big part of looking like I belong is not making that face. […]

Why I Need Optimists

I think there are two kinds of selfishness.  There’s the negative kind where you become a narcissist, forcefully oblivious to the needs and concerns of the world around you.  There’s also the kind where you choose to recognize what you need to be healthy and happy, and make a conscious effort to meet those needs […]