Why I Need Optimists

I think there are two kinds of selfishness.  There’s the negative kind where you become a narcissist, forcefully oblivious to the needs and concerns of the world around you.  There’s also the kind where you choose to recognize what you need to be healthy and happy, and make a conscious effort to meet those needs […]

Esther Day 2012: What I Mean When I Say I Love You

Happy Esther Day, my loves!  Esther Day is a celebration of the birthday and life of our friend Esther.  It involves, primarily, telling our family and platonic friends that we love them.  This expression of love was Esther’s sixteenth birthday wish.  A few weeks later, after many years fighting papillary thyroid cancer, Esther died. This […]


A few days ago, I was in the middle of a post full of complaints about how my break is over- I’m working full time until the semester starts again.  I wanted to whine about my lack of break, about all the things I wanted to do and can’t due to time restraints.  As in […]