Father’s Day for the Fatherless

I feel like I talk about ‘dad things’ far too frequently and not nearly enough, but if you’re living in America this time of year, it’s all but impossible to avoid fatherhood discussions.  Just about everything is suddenly the perfect gift for dads and grads!  If I had a television, I’m sure I’d have seen […]


It’s hard to be interested in modern poetry without being familiar with Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye, but I’d never taken the time to really check them out.  Katherine gave me Sarah and Phil at a time when I really needed them.  Their work is this mind-boggling, brain-scrambling, soul-tugging and emotion-wrenching exploration of lived experiences.   […]

The Feelings I’m Feeling

Many months ago, as the summer melted into a new semester I decided to embrace positivity.  I was going to sink into the kind of lifestyle I’d always mocked.  I was going to believe those insipid inspirational platitudes you find painted on plaques in the home decor section of craft fairs.  I would Breathe and […]